Conservatives' tree emblem

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rescuer | 01:12 Sun 15th Oct 2006 | People & Places
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A day or so after the Conservatives announced their new emblem - the tree, a member of some organisation in, I think, Devizes, claimed on Radio 4, that the emblem was very similar to the one which they had had for many years for their organisation.
Does anyone know the name and any details about this organisation?


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My words, kempie, that was a quick reply. Many thanks, indeed.
I have been surprised that it was not - to my knowledge - taken up by any national newspaper, or TV for that matter.
Just as a matter of interest, at the time, The Times published an article which pointed out that a virtually identical logo - a crayon-scribbled tree - existed all over the place, including one at a Spanish country club/golf course.
The Woodland Trust also has a tree as its emblem, as did my school with the logo 'nostrum viret robur' roughly translated as 'our trees shall flourish' - I really don't think anyone would confuse the Conservative Party with the Devizes Guardians.
Steve Bell in the Guardian did a cartoon that compared the new emblem to a kind of huge mad elephant p***ing over everything.
That's all I can see when I look at it now...
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What does surprise me is the amount of money (�40,000?) the Conservatives paid for it.
Why didn't they go to an Art College and offer a couple of hundred quid to the student who came up with the best idea for a new logo?
They have a history of stealing other people's logos. The torch logo was nicked from the NUT back in the 80s. NUT then had to spend a fortune getting a new one designed to avoid beinmg identified with them.

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Conservatives' tree emblem

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