Settlement Hierarchy

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ATB_roo | 20:26 Wed 13th Sep 2006 | People & Places
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What has settlement hierarchy got to do with traffic increase in a CBD?




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A little more context would help here, I think. Obviously your question relates to (urban) geography or town planning � are you thinking of opposing yet another muddle-headed development proposal?
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Geography coursework : ) My hypothesis is "Traffic increases as distance from the CBD decreases" i.e. the closer you are to the city, the more traffic there is.

I handed my rough draft to my teacher and she said that "an understanding of settlement hierarchy would help here". I've looked through all my text books but I still can't see how this would help to explain why there is an increase of traffic.

Any other exaplanations other than sphere of influence and counter-urbanisation would be very appriciated : )

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Settlement Hierarchy

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