Visa required for USA - minor arrest ?

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munchie63 | 09:18 Wed 30th Aug 2006 | People & Places
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appreciate some advice on a few points.

Hoping to take the kids to Disney next Easter, but due to a minor arrest and �20 fine back in 1984, I need to get a visa.

the US website says 'can expect to wait 16 weeks'. Has anyone applied due to similar circumstances ? How long did it take?

also worried, as I went to US on honeymoon in 1993, but did not get a Visa for that trip. I used the Visa waiver form which stated ever been 'convicted for drug smuggling, prostitution, crimes of moral turpitiude etc'.

basically, I'm worried about how long it takes, and being refused due to my minor offence or previous entry without visa.


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I'd say forget it, just do as you did before 282274.html
If you used the visa waiver then, what is the difference ?? I think they have more important things to worry about at the moment, but its up to you if you want to take the risk. As far as how long it takes, I don't think there are any guarantees.
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You will be asked to fill out a visa waiver form on the plane. It is a little green card so make sure u have a pen handy!
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It may help if we knew what this 'minor' offence was munchie 63
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It was a silly thing as a young lad.
�25 fine for obstruction.
Basically, failing to move on when asked to do so, by a police officer in no mood to be messed about by a 20yr old.
Live and learn eh.

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Visa required for USA - minor arrest ?

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