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maccers | 21:51 Sat 26th Aug 2006 | People & Places
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Does anyone know if there are loads of houses or flats in liverpool waiting for buyers.

If so how much are they roughly.


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I can't tell you if there are many on the market at the moment, although I can tell you that the average cost of a "home" in Liverpool is currently �121,866.

Detached properties average �262,937, semi-detached average �146,376, terraced average �91,382 and flats/apartments average �145,564.

(Source: BBC)
Not sure on prices, but there's about as many house/flats/apartments here as there are anywhere else. The city's going through a massive rebuilding scheme at the moment though, and new houses and apartment blocks are being throw up almost daily!
You can still buy a terraced house in Liverpool for under �50,000 if it's investment you're thinking of. Prices are shooting up though, even with those that need renovatiing.
liverpool has many different areas, some are considered up market, others are real slums.

it really depends on the area and price your looking at.

i live in an area where most houses were valued at around 60-80,000 - 7-8 years ago - now they are worth around 150-180,000. there has been a real boom

this is also relatively near to where all the LFC and EFC footballers live and their houses are obviously very expensive

so there is no real single answer i'm afraid

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