St.Helier Estate, Carshalton - what's it like?

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SurreyGuy | 11:51 Tue 04th Jul 2006 | People & Places
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I'm looking to possibly buy a property in Carshalton and I've been sent details of a few properties in the above area.

What is it like?

I'm certainly NOT a snob, but I don't wanna move to somewhere which is Surrey's answer to Beirut or somewhere which is a haven for ASBO possessors!



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It was at one time (may still be) the largest housing estate in Europe. It was built all over the once famous lavender fields of Mitcham. Nearest decent shopping is Sutton, and all the Croydon shops are about 4 miles, but a horrid drive.

I once watched my 2 week-old bike being stolen by a group of youths. A friend spotted them with the bike later in the day but deemed it best not to approach them.

I live 4 miles away, which is comfortable thank you. If you could find anywhere else in the area - you'll have to pay a bit more - then you will be doing yourself a favour.
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Cheers whiffey - any suggested locations pls?
Carshalton itself is not too bad used to be very nice many years ago around the ponds etc...but..I would avoid the St Helier Estate like the plague.It stretches between Sutton and Morden.We used to live in Wimbledon a bit more if you can and go a bit further out.
Raynes Park,Lower Morden,Ewell, much nicer.
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Cheers for that whiffey. I am definitely governed by what I can afford (won't "stretch" myself financially), but will maybe look away from St.Heliers now.
SurreyGuy, you don't say where you will be working, etc. This whole area of South London is a car park during the rush hour, I'd not want to live too many miles away. (Or get a bike - like I do !!)
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I work not far from Shannon Corner. I'm looking at living 12-15 miles from there - as long as it's not Northwards.
If that's Shannon Corner on the A3 then shaneystar's suggestions are spot-on.
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It is one and the same, whiffey. Ewell is in the right direction, but the other two aren't.

BTW, cheers shaneystar2.
Well Shannons Corner is more New Malden way you would be OK for Worcester Park or Stoneleigh ..both quite nice residential areas.
I wanted to post a bit more but AB is playing up for some reason ..there is also Motspur Park,Cheam and North Cheam...Wallington.
All quite nice . Kingston and Epsom tend to be more expensive as is Wimbledon . A bit further out are places like Esher and Molesly which are exhorbitant.
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Hi all. I want to maintain links with the Guildford area AND I want to be far enough away from work so I don't get hassled! :o) That's why I'm looking 12-15 miles from Shannons Corner, but not North of it..
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Looking no further West than Weybridge and no further East than Sutton.
I have lived on the St Helier Estate. And have done for 3 years. It is my first home. I have to disagree with some points made. Some parts, mainly the morden end and we I live, are fine.

It really depends on what prt of the estae you live on. Good place for making money on property, as I have found out.

Its only downfall, is the amount of chavvy kids on mopeds. Aprt from that the area isnt bad at all.

I have known and lived in far worse places. I will be moving next year to Cheam
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Cheers Spaced. As it is, I've re-done some sums and Carshalton as a whole is out of my reckoning now.
what's your budget? have you looked at Hackbridge, Wallington, Beddington?
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Thanks, but they're all too far East.
Haven't read through the other answerts, but I lived down the road in Sutton in the late 70's and St Heliers was a dreadful place even then. It is awful now, try to avoid it at all costs.

I am about to view a property in Shaftsvury Road, Carshalton. Do any of you guys know what this area is like?

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St.Helier Estate, Carshalton - what's it like?

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