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mkt | 17:15 Tue 06th Jun 2006 | People & Places
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Does anyone know anything about regional/county flags? When in Cornwall last year we saw loads of flags flying on cars and in peoples gardens which i guess must have been Cornish flags...think it was black with a white cross.

Recently we were behind a caravan on th motorway which had a sticker on the back and it was a black flag with a yellow cross on it. It said Wales on it also. Now obviously this isn't the Weslh Flag which as far as i know has always feaatured the dragon so maybe it's a county thing??

If so do all counties have their own flags like this and is their anywhere on t'internet i can have a look?


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This one? flag of St David - no official recognotion as the flag of Wales though (which was adopted on the 1950's) is another Welsh one, and some info on the 'dragon' flag.

Happy vexillology...

The Cornish flag is black with a wide white horizontal/vertical cross (the cross of St Piran). It dates from the beginning of the 15th century and is used now by people who believe that Cornwall should be independent of England. The flag of Britanny (the French equivalent of Cornwall and Wales) is also black and white in the form of an ermine canton and nine horizontal stripes.

This is the Flag of Devon....



I live in Devon, but I see the Cornish flag alot on cars - I think generally Cornish people tend to be quite patriotic, especially Cornish people who don't live in Cornwall! Recently seen a few more of the Devon flags (the one in Vinny's link) about, so maybe we're trying to match them!

Talking of flags, the department of transport have brought out a ruling that anyone convicted of a speeding or dangerous driving offence, dangerous overtaking or having loud music blaring or generally being a prat on the roads will be forced to warn other road users by the use of a white flag with a red cross on it, attached to the car by a suction pad or clipped over the window. Total morons will have to have one each side.

Yes that's the Cornish flag. I think while it's still used to indicate someone's belief Cornwall should be independent, it's increasingly come to simply show someone's affiliation with the county - a kind of "I'm Cornish and proud of it" badge, and I think is sometimes even sported by non-Cornish people who love the county.

While not flying a Cornish flag, I do love Cornwall - especially the Lizard peninsular, one of my favourite regions in the UK. So much of this country has become homogenised, it's refreshing to find regions that still have a distinct identity. Even if there are locals inwardly growling at me as one of the emmets - though I've never had any bad feeling expressed to my face.

I must say, I do like that Devon flag - I'd like to see more of that. To pick up mkt's original question, I wonder if there are flags for every county.

There's some here...mkt


Has your county got a flag???(:-)

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