why is green considered unlucky

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maglet | 22:36 Tue 02nd May 2006 | People & Places
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Why is the colour Green considered unlucky


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I've never hear Green being considered unlucky. Green is actually an aphrodisiac.
I've never heard...oops
Dancey...are you're slurrin your words pet
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Hi dancealot13, my father point blank refused to let any of us children wear anything green, he refused to have green in the house, and any association with the colour green. However he never gave an explanation as to why!!! So after all these years I still dont know why the colour green is supposed to bring bad luck!!!!!!!!

Lots of variations on which colours are lucky or not, depending on where you live. Green - bad in the UK, good in Eire, is also the colour of Mohammeds robe so auspicious for Islam, ancient Egyptians though it was thumbs up as well becaus eof fertility and new growth - but it also suited the motor racing crowd as the 'national' team colour for GB was green.

Chinese use white for mourning - black in the West, and so it goes on.

Green may be associated with bad luck from one story that as Napoleon was held in a green room before his death, the colour may have had some influence - which was probably true as arsenic used to be used to 'fix' colours in wallpapers, and the bedroom he slept in had the lateset green wallpaper. As the moisture leached out the arsenic from the paper, its though it could have been one possible cause of his death.

Green was also associated with the fairy folk, decay and aging, so again translated into bad luck issues.

All depends where you're from really.

And statistically insurers will tell you green cars have the most accidents..........

Question Author
Thanks Nickmo, you have done a lot of research.
Hi maglet - no just useless stuff that seems to stick in the mind I'm afraid - handy to regurgitate it in one place for a change.......

Unlucky is when your luck is out?

Lucky is when your luck is in?

Am i missing the point with the colour ''Green''?

My Mum is a spiritualist and Green is the colour of healing. Apparently, its very good to wear it.The leprechauns don't wear green for nothing you know and they are considered to be very lucky! Don't like it myself personally and very rarely wear it!
My aunt always said green was unlucky,she will not and never has had green in the house,not even plants,but if its unlucky why is the grasss green??And my eyes are green too,and i've got them for life!!!
A green car is supposedly bad luck, but that's more to do with the fact that you cannot see it around the countryside!
Im sure the only reason why green cars get in more accidents then other colors, is because GREEN is an APHRODISIAC and I bet more people are gettin' busy in their little green cars ! ;)

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why is green considered unlucky

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