How to visit eastenders set 'Albert Square'?

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cooleddy4 | 19:05 Thu 27th Apr 2006 | People & Places
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Does anyone know where Albert Square is in London? Im hoping that its a real street and you can go to visit. I know its set in east london, but can anyone tell me where? And also the nearest tube station would be helpful.


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Sorry but it's a closed set with a fake underground station, and they don't let the public on set.
oh i thought u could go 2 albert square y cant u go on it
you can't go in it as it's a television set a studio, not a real place.
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what, the whole street and square is just a set?
How can it be set in a studio? There are loads of trains busses and cars all over the place. They have also been to Scotland, Ireland, France and Spain, so it would have to be a very big place to accommodate all that.
The set is actually in Hertfordshire (Elstree I believe)
it's about as real as the characters,I lived in the east end,and I have never seen such a load of old cobblers as that programme.
It is a lot (ie. an outside 'set') which is part of the Elstree Studios complex. I have visited it and was given a tour (I know some people in TV) - and the outside stuff is all pretty real if slightly smaller than real life. Everything's very close together too - Bridge St with the launderette is just round the corner from the Vic, and the club is just yards away. The garden is tiny. Obviously the buildings are just shells and all the internal scenes are shot in studios.

Hi QM.

Am I right in thinking that the allotments are in the Blue Peter garden? or right next to each other?

Just curious :o)

no i dont sorry

eastneders is in elstree ans yes its a fake set i have actually set the set in real life the houses are half made up and the inside of the houses arent real they are filmed inside the studiod made to look like houses. the set is in hertfordshire 30 minutes from me... but tours arent avaliable because of there filimng schedules.

Eastenders is filmed at BBC Centre in BOREHAMWOOD its called BBC Estreee but is nothing to do with
Elstree Film Studios which is also in Borehamwood.

The BBC is in Clarendon Road and is not open to the public. But you can see some of the sets from Clarendon Road and also Stratfield Road. ,-0.27639|16|4&loc=GB:51.65704:-0.27639:16|wd6 |WD6

Other shows filmed at BBC Elstree is Holby City.
Blue Peter is at Wood Lane, London.
I have been to the eastenders set and also the real Albert square, the set in in elstree and the sq is in the eastend, but nothing like the set its just based on it tho it is as sq and does have a queen vic, it was a very rough area and we got some looks when we walked into the pub. I and a friend also climbed over a fence as a school girl in the 80's in what was once arthurs alotments and jumped the fence and had a good old nose around before being caught by a sercurity guard naughty naughty!! But i dont rem where the real sq i went to was mayb try google maps, best of luck
i went there in April u can go there but outside of the set and see them and get autographs and photos it is in borehamwood in Hertfordshire the nearest tube stations is called East Finchely on the northern line near king's cross
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It's not a real street, it's a lot in Elstree Studios. You will find it here:-

Forget about visiting though, the production schedule is too tight and tourism is strictly off limits.

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How to visit eastenders set 'Albert Square'?

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