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rescuer | 13:46 Mon 17th Apr 2006 | People & Places
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I have just watched an interesting DVD about the story of the Spitfire fighter. Amongst the history of its development there was a scene of German soldiers pre WW II and their salute was almost like the Cubs salute was. They had their elbow extended to the side and the forearm upwards with two of their fingers, together not separted, pointing upwards.

I have never seen this salute before. Was this type of salute used by any other country's troops?


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I believe this could be the Polish military salute.
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Thanks octavious but they look like German soldiers. I will take another look at the DVD hoping I can find the item without going through whole DVD - even though it is a very interesting one. Good thing that Mitchell came up with the design before the war, although he didmn't live to see how successful it became.
They are not saluting - that is the gesture that German soldier's made when swearing an oath of allegiance. (In this case probably to Hitler).

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German soldiers

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