Easter Bank Holiday

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heathfield | 10:34 Fri 14th Apr 2006 | People & Places
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Anyone else having to work this weekend, and totally hacked off with BBC News constant references to 'the Bank Holiday' and 'the holiday weekend'?


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Yes, but won't it be great when we go out and they are all working?

I've managed to get away with a half day today cos i get time and a half but only as time off, so i have taken it back straight away, it was busy too, lots of shoppers about, working tomoz and monday but gettin away early monday if i have my way.
Im working but I don't mind. I manage a residential home and everyone has gone to their families for Easter, so I am being paid for doing nothing. Yippeeeeee!x

Yes it know it does seem unfair, but you would be the first to complain if your house burned down because the fire service were on holiday, you couldn't have an emergency operation because all the doctors were on holiday in the sunshine, and you couldn't drive anywhere because all the petrol stations were closed. Plus hundreds of other essential workers in the gas, electricity and other service industries. Would you honestly really prefer to be unemployed?

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Easter Bank Holiday

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