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undercovers | 03:04 Mon 10th Apr 2006 | People & Places
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who has answered the most questions on this site? - post your stats people and the winner will receive� admiration and respect!


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I've answered 4 questions and asked none, so I will have to withdraw my name from the running for winner of the most asked questions, although I will gladly accept your admiration and respect in advance of all those multitude of questions I intend to ask.

9643 of which 1100 removed
questions: 28 of which 1 removed
not counting many more answers in threads which were deleted

Questions- 314 removed-10
answers - 4893 removed-18
111 Questions, 1148 answers.
Thank you for the nice comment, are most kind.
PS See? I guessed Bernardo would soon be along brandishing something truly enormous! (I refer, of cvourse, to his quota of 'answers'.)

I think Bernardo holds the record. He thinks so too. I'm on a modest 5700 after a year and a bit. Champagne holds the record for posting in the prettiest colours.

Are ChatterBank answers still held on file? I thought that when it was abolished, the posts that people had put there might have been retrospectively deducted from their total, which would mean they were no longer distorting the statistics.

great since last night mine has changed to
answers -4907 and 21 removed lol
Question Author
ahhh its too hard to decide - your all winners - respect and admiration all round.... huzzar to all ABers you truely are the finest the web has to offer!!! (probably - but i rarely venture elsewhere so have no real point of reference - i'm sure its true though)

Sorry folks! I wandered in here by mistake - meant to click on Phrases & Sayings. I'd no idea what went on in here and I've been a member for just over 11 months!

Afraid I can't match Quizmonter's statistics, but in those 11+ months I have posted 18 questions (1 removed) and given 2880 answers (14 removed). I don't think I'll make the 3000 for the 12 months without cheating and resorting to chat.

I'll never get into the top posters, my answers keep getting banned,

Victor M.

I ahve only had the aka pixi account since October I have 129 questions 4 removed and 1908 answers 2 removed (one of which just said 'eh?' lol) before that I had an account in the name pixi from about may to october, I think i had over 400 questions and about 3000 answers lol

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