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08012006 | 13:12 Wed 25th Jan 2006 | People & Places
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The z is on occasions silent in some proper names, eg Menzies = 'Ming-is', as was discussed here a fortnight ago.

I recall a footballer in the 60s called Alan Gilzean, to whom the above did not apply,

What other examples do people have of where the Z is silent eg

Culzean; Dalziel; Macfadzean; Finzean


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There's an Enzean House near Monymusk in Aberdeenshire...pronounced ing-in...exactly as the Doric version of 'onion'.
Although not Scottish names, there are other such words in use in English, generally from French, with a silent 'z'...rendez-vous, chez, laissez-faire etc. Do they count?
What about Dalziel, pronounced Deell.
Ah memories. Remember seeing Gilly playing for Spurs. Little bald bloke. Hardly David Beckham but a tough little cookie.

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Scottish Pronunciation - Ming Campbell

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