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weecalf | 23:07 Tue 04th Jan 2022 | People & Places
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who cut bjs hair ,he looks good .


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i think it's a chef , he cuts it with a knife and fork
Saw him earlier and my first thought was 'body double'.
how is this news?
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Good question was reading don’t put politics in chatterbank well bjs hair alongs to a mp hence its in news .
I thought it looked better than normal but only because the last one looked like it had been done by a drunk using hedge-cutters in the dark.
>>> how is this news?

Well, it's good enough for The Sun, anyway ;-)

. . . and our local rag thinks that the hair styles of people in the public eye count as 'news' too!
(That's from just yesterday)
// I thought it looked better than normal//
yeah - no I thought that

Crikey prime minister your flunkey has forgotten to fwobble your hair!

PM for it is he: cripes, horrible dictu !

( how awful! for those who cant do ancient forrin at this time of night)
oh chris you old sobersides !

even in the eighties people commented that Thatcher was well turned out and Shirley ( shirl the pearl) WIlliams always looked as though she had stepped out the shower and straight on a bus
Well, since weecalf very rarely asked a question, surely he can post where he wants . ( smiles and waves )
The barber had a power cut half way through the process.
Best thing he's done for a while to be fair.
I just love blokes with messy hair! Just saying;0)
Someone posted elsewhere. “ would you trust someone who cuts his own hair. “
He has had lumps cut off but it is actually the very same haircut, just shorter.

Wilfred has Boris’ hair cut. Unmistakably his.
22.14 Bednobs "how is this news"
A, because weecalf posted in news .
B because Boris Having a haircut is news.
AOG, if you’re looking in or looking down here, cover your eyes , :0(
^^^. Ha ha

My news today.

I'm just going to have a shower. My hairdresser is coming at 1.00pm to give me my messy haircut.

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