Mobile Phone Operating System "made In Europe"

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gl556tr | 19:52 Thu 26th Apr 2018 | People & Places
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With more than 500 million people, it must surely be possible for Europeans to have their own OS for mobile phones - *not* America-centred, that'd be a change. Imagine no dollar-symbol readily available, but a £ and, if Juncker et al are friendly towards us, the €. No more Google, or less of it. UK-English spelling, too.
The resourceful minds in Europe could develop apps, I’m sure.
Any offers? I’ll be in the queue!


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You can install Linux on your phone if you want to:

I've just checked my own Android mobile though. The £ symbol is readily available but I have to hunt in the 'special characters' section to find a $ symbol. Further, I've just typed 'col' and the predictive text offered me 'colour', not 'color', so UK spellings are there too.

Perhaps you failed to tell your phone that you're in the UK when you first set it up?
yes, my iphone and ipad both speak Uk english.
Know what you mean. I object to the £ symbol being on page 2 of multiple symbol pages and having to work my way back around to the digits afterwards. One should be able to set for a national friendly symbol order.
what phones have you folk got? Have you perhaps not set them up correctly
Yep - when I set up my phone i think it did give the options for UK or US English
My "£" is on page 1 of symbols under no.8, the "€" & "$" are on the same page.
sounds like you just want UK spellings and grammar, you can set that on your phone nowt to do with the OS.
Not that I can find. Language is already set to UK, £ symbol is on separate page.
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B: thank you for the link to Linux for a mobile OS.
Also for comments from others.

But, this does not solve the basic problem of our mobiles being run by US-Americans. With pan-European programming resourcefulness, mobile phone OSs based on the Open Source concept lends itself to ideal multi-language developments.

(A positive side-effect would be to moderate the intense pressure on our society ― and particularly the young ― of incorrect spelling and atrocious grammar.)

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Mobile Phone Operating System "made In Europe"

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