Please put me out of my misery

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Artful | 13:53 Sun 26th Jun 2005 | People & Places
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I can no longer just sit here wondering 'who' so, WHO is Jordan? There have been so many ?s about her and the baby - my curiosity has finally got the better of me. And I do hope the wait has been worth it!


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Sadly Artful, you'll be disappointed with the answer! Jordan AKA Katie Price is a topless model for girly mags, who's famous for having a HUUUGE surgically enchanced chest!
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Thankyou B00. We can now consider this thread answered!

here  you can become a member of her fan club( :)Artful tic:::::::::::::::

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Well, she is a big girl, isn't she!

she was at her best after the first op, wasnt bad for a second either but the third was ridiculous!

 Hi Artful,

Her boobies are now nearly as big as the Mountains near Grenoble!! LOL

what the heck is goin' on?

what the heck is goin on'?

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Please put me out of my misery

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