town/village names ending feld and wey?

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chrissie12 | 18:47 Mon 25th Apr 2005 | People & Places
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I need to know of a town/village which has a name ending "..feld" and "...wey".


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Hatfield, Enfield, there are lots ...In leicester we have a place called Highfields.

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Thanks but I need "feld" not "field"...

Upwey and Broadwey (Dorset).

Fowey (Cornwall)

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Great, thanks.  Just stuck on "feld" now.

I did a search for "*feld" on Multimap and all it came up with was Aberfeldy in Scotland and Feldon in Hertfordsihre.
Honresfeld, a village near Rochdale.
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Thanks.  That now has my seven year old daughters homework sorted.  Much appreciated to all who have helped.

chrissie12 it's taken some of the world's greatest brains to find the answers and yir daughter's teacher expects a seven-year old to get them. I've sneeked a wee look at next week's homework and it's "China's economy, will the bubble burst?"

corbyloon, you have a point. I spend my days moaning about the low standards of modern education, and then it turns out seven-year-olds are expected to answer questions like this one - how???

Maybe the aim was to introduce her to research skills?  Or maybe it's misspelled in the HWK and it really is meant to be FIELD.  Fair point though. 

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I can't see how the child was supposed to do it, does this mean they expect me to do her homework everyday?  Anyway it proves the old saying " you are never too old to learn" and as long as she is bringing homework like that, I will be constantly learning!

Well it could be basic history, both terms are anglo saxon in origin:

wey - meaning 'holy object/place of worship'

feld - meaning 'field'

I think its great that children are learning the origin of place names!  Next: Latin.....

At least you've shown a really strong interest in your daughter's learning.  THAT will help her to learn as much as any homework.  Maybe THAT was the aim. 
acw could be right, but I suspect the result would just be the reverse - most parents throwing up their hands, saying 'How am I supposed to answer that?' and not bothering. Personally I think this would be a decent question for a 10-12 year old ... but seven? Sheesh.
I think acw is right, and this is a clumsy rendition of field and way.
If this is a mispelling (sic) of "way" and "field", what does that say about the standard of spelling in our Primary School teachers?!?
They are correct spellings, i know because i have just set my class the same homework. It is related to Anglo-Saxon history topic, finding out where place names origniate. The children are meant to use an atlas to look up the answers.
I had this homework too. Thanks for the answers they were a great help, I was stuck on the same ones!
(Feld is Anglo Saxon for field.)
Hi - my daughter has just had the same homework and stuck on the same names. Thank you .
wow.. that was hard... my mums friends kid just had that question.. and after spending a good hour on the net.. i finally found this site and this Q. THANK GOD... thanks for the help...

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town/village names ending feld and wey?

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