Meeanee Barracks, Colchester.

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bookbinder | 16:15 Sat 19th Mar 2011 | Military
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Does anyone happen to know when Meeanee Barracks, Mersea Road, Colchester, ceased to be used as an Army base? I was demobbed from the barracks in 1962. I looked at it, via Google, a few days ago, and it appears to be in use, but I can't figure out what purpose it's now used for.Can anyone please enlighten me?


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Thanks for your answer, redhelen. I'm asking only out of curiosity, because I've recently looked at some other barracks where I was stationed, and they all appear to have been turned into giant car parks.
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I was in 1st Battalion, the Duke of Wellington's Regiment.
I was in Kirkee Barracks, thats gone also.

Owned by Medion Computers now it seems,
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Thanks for the interesting link, mamyalynne. I didn't know about the Meeanee Barracks in Germany. I was at Colchester from Dec. 1960 to July 1962, with a spell in Kenya included.
Lonnie, I don't think that I've heard of Kirkee Barracks. Was that in Colchester?
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mamyalynne, thank you for the link about Kirkee Barracks. I'll look up Medion Computers tomorrow, and maybe I'll find out if they are using all the barracks or just part of it. Although I was a conscript, and you might think that I would have no interest in the Army, I do look back on my time in the Dukes and think, well, it wasn't bad at all. I had some good mates, and I got along quite well with just about everybody, whatever their rank.
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Thanks to everyone who answered. The latest mention of Meeanee Barracks being occupied by the Army appears to be September 2008, when a newspaper reported a case of theft by an NCO who was stationed at Meeanee. The next item that came to light was a note on the Light Infantry Reunited Message Board website, dated 15.08.2010. An ex-soldier describes a nostalgic return to the barracks, and he found only desolation, weeds growing everywhere, empty buildings, and a generally run-down appearance. So, it looks as if the military moved out for good between 2008 and 2009/2010. As for Medion Computers, the only references that I found concerned buying the computers from dealers, but no mention of the firm's base in Colchester. Not surprising, really, that they don't want to give away their exact location. It looks as if that's going to be as far as I can go, so thanks once again, friends.
bookbinder I work for a 'company' that has a site in Flagstaff road Colchester that was in the middle of a barracks. I will ask someone at the site tomorrow and get back to you.
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Thanks, Prudie, I'm looking forward to reading your answer.
Found this newspaper article from 2009, don't know if the housing was built or not.

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The link was interesting, mamyalynne, thank you for that. The paper's description of the barracks as "Victorian" is wrong, because Meeanee was fairly new when I went there in 1960, but that doesn't alter the fact that the buildings are now in a sad state. What do you do with a redundant army camp? I'll have a look at Wimpey's website, just in case there's anything there. My guess is that Google's satellite picture might have been taken in 2009, so that's no help as to when/if Wimpey did any alterations.
bookbinder I don't have much to add really. I rang our Colchester branch today to ask. The site of the Meeanee barracks is in the process of being demolished with a view for housing and it does have new housing all around it. The new Merville brks for Colchester garrison is only about 5 mins walk away though from where it was.
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Thank you, Prudie, for your efforts. It looks as though the last regiment left Meeanee in 2008, and planning for redevelopment started soon after that. Cavalry Barracks, where one or two of the Dukes' rifle companies were billeted, had been there since (I think) the mid-19th century, when I was in Colchester, yet the more-modern Meeanee has been swept away. That's progress, I suppose. I think that your contribution is the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle, Prudie. Thanks also to all who contributed. Every answer was very interesting, and much appreciated!
Hi There

Sorry to change the subject a bit but I don't suppose you have any more details on Kirkee Barracks as I am writing a book about the Colchester Barracks and I am lacking details about Kirkee e.g. when it was built, when it was demolished, when was it renovated etc.

Thank you
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Hi worldwar8. Sorry, but I don't know anything about Kirkee Barracks in Colchester. Have you tried the link that mamyalynne gave, ref. the Regiment of Artillery? No doubt you've seen what Wikipedia has to say about Kirkee Barracks, under Colchester Garrison. Lonnie would be the best person to ask, I suppose, so maybe you could try starting a new thread under "Kirkee Barracks, Colchester." That might attract some attention.
Ok thank you, the link is pretty much all i know but i appreciate your help, and i will start a new thread soon.

thanks again
hi im looking for my dad he was in meeanee barracks Colchester around 1989 he is apparently welsh n born around 1970-1972 i believe his name is david john gray he dated my unfortunately mum tracy tyler in 1989 n paid csa all my life if anyone knows anything could you please contact me on either [email protected] or 07413786791 many thanks kassey marie tyler

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Meeanee Barracks, Colchester.

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