Military phrases to make your blood run cold

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4GS | 00:25 Thu 05th Jun 2008 | Military
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The Americans will be providing the close air support. You're posted to Tidworth Leave is cancelled Do you accept my award? It's character building Do you have anything planned for leave? Crack, Crack, Ping, Ping, THUMP. Contact, wait..out. Has anyone seen the enemy? Right! You- Draw Fire. You feature rather a lot in the Christmas duty list I forgot to tell you, I've got herpes Don't make plans for the weekend Is that it? Too slow, do it again! Mr Vice...that'll be a bottle of port You're in your own time now. Standby your beds! It's either cancer or penile warts. The RSM wants your feet in his in tray NOW. Tony needs something to whip up voter support and he's decided on another war. Bend over. This may smart a bit! We need a decoy.... If it ain't raining it ain't training. Soldier, I'm the Platoon Commander, I should have the map. Right-ho chaps, I know where we are, follow me! . You'll like Osnabruck its a great posting? The alert states gone up and we need to double the guard! Remove your canister and take a deep breath. Can I see his Conduct Sheets Sergeant Major. Open your lockers? Tony has decided to send troops to the Lebanon on peace keeping duties..... .........using UN rules of engagement........ .................with only 2 rounds each...... .....................which have to last you the whole tour! Cyprus is cancelled lads. Budget cuts from LAND I'm afraid. However, we managed to get Sennybridge at short notice for April. Do you know you have glowstick on your helmet? I'm tired, you can finish yourself off... Thats no hill, just get up it! If it's not raining, it's not training. Civvy's pay a fortune to do this! you get to do it for free and get paid for the privlage!! Brecon Any more?


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Not sure if this is your line of thinking but......

"I'll pull off your arm and beat you with the soggy end!"

"I'll give you so many rights... you'll be begging for a left!"

"Cheer up, you're gettin' paid for this"

"This Isn't an attendance only course"

'Its just over the hill/round that corner"

Hubby couldn't hink of any more, you already have a lot there! x
John, what about?

Welcome to P Company.

Pick up the log

Step to the time I call out


Your new platoon Sgt has just done P company

Welcome to Basra

Welcome to csamp Bastion

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Military phrases to make your blood run cold

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