who won the crusades?

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sith123 | 16:25 Thu 20th Oct 2011 | Military
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was it the saracens or crusaders?


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so it was the saracens?
Either them or the other lot...
Must be homework time.....
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so it was a draw-no winner?
Did you actually read the Wikipedia article...?
It seems to be ongoing if the news on any given day is to be believed.
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yes, but

1:it was not that altogether clear

2:wikipedia can be wrong
Time to do some research, then...
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ok...but my personal opinion is the saracens won, as jerusalem is not a christian majority country, it has more muslims, plus the crusaders pulled out the war and left.
Well, for one thing, Jerusalem isn't a country...

For another, an awful lot of history has taken place since the end of the final crusade...
i guess they have traitors just as they do in war and peacetime....

So in this instance, Saracens won having managed to capture a Crusader.

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oh yeah, my mistake but hopefully you knew what i meant. :)
The answer depends on what you want to believe as the evidence ccan be taken to 'prove' either outcome.
The faranji held onto parts of the Levant on and off for about 300 years - so they 'won' in those areas for that amount of time.
The Saracens regained territory in the same area over the same time - so they won in the same sense.
Both sides were so cream-crackered that they left the territory wide open to the Turks, so you could say the Ottoman Empir won.
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oh, ok
There is a huge discussion on the rights and wrongs of the whole thing - the Crusaders invaded the Holy Land in the first place to secure Jerusalem for Christianity. Look where it's got us - but Jerusalem is still acknowledged as a vital holy place for all three Abrahamic religions. In answer to the OP - I don't think anyone won.
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smae, as my reason is that you can still see the after affects today.

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who won the crusades?

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