Off-site Self-Storage Containers vs Portable Containers – Which is Best for You?

11:10 Tue 26th May 2020 |
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Whether you are downsizing your living room or dealing with a cluttered house, the use of a storage service will help you handle the mountain of items you intend to keep, but want out of sight.

Businesses can also take advantage of the benefits of storage solutions to remove the clutter in office space , optimise space, and ensure that items are kept clean, accessible and within easy reach when they are needed sometime in the future.

When making a decision, however, one has to choose between the standard off-site storage containers or the ubiquitous portable storage containers known as storage pods.

Since the concept was introduced recently, storage pods have changed the notion of self-storage dramatically. Although the use of these mobile storage units has benefits, there are also situations where more conventional self-storage units are better.

When are Portable Storage Containers (Pods) a Good Choice?

If you're making a fast move, compact storage containers or storage pods are a perfect way to keep your possessions in order. Pods are actually delivered straight to your house or office.

Here are examples of times when renting a portable storage unit or pod is a good idea.

  • - When you have a quick home or business repairs that have a fixed deadline.

  • - When you need accessible storage for rented items.

  • - When you are preparing for garage or property sales.

  • - When you are planning to relocate your office.

Before renting your pod, be sure to check city rules and regulations to see whether containers are allowed on your driveway, front border, or back street.

How Portable Containers (Pods) Work

There are ads that have been running for years to demonstrate all the benefits of a pod for mobile storage. The company will send a container to your home or office and you can take your time to fill it up.

The company either takes the pod to a storage lot when you have filled it or, when you're moving, they take it to your new home or office where you can unload it at your leisure. Its key selling points are simplicity and ease of using a container.

The Disadvantages of Pods

Although there are several benefits to taking the container option when you are planning a move, there are some drawbacks of using it as a storage option.

The first hurdle lies in cost. You'll have to pay more to move and unload the container at your new premises. Although transportation of your possessions to a conventional storage unit does take more manpower, you do pay substantially less for a large room than you would for a container.

Another big drawback for the pods and other containers is the lack of air cooling or ventilation. Many things that are stored need to be kept in a temperature-controlled environment and portable containers simply don't have that function.

When is an Off-site Storage Container a Good Choice?

Self-storage containers provide greater flexibility than other storage facilities.

You may not be sure whether you need storage for the short or the long term. Or maybe you extended your moving deadline. It could also be that you have delicate items that you want to keep in pristine condition, or you are worried about security.

These are just a few reasons why you may be better off with an off-site self-storage alternative.

Self-storage units can offer:

  • - Quick access to a drive-up facility

  • - Car and boat storage options

  • - Special features, such as climate-controlled units.

Self-storage containers have other benefits in addition to simplicity and air-cooling or -conditioning.

It is fairly easy to access your items stored in a self-storage facility. You drive to the facility, often right up to the entrance of your allocated unit, open it, store, or remove things during the business hours of the facility. Afterward, you lock it.

Security is also not an issue, but this may vary from business to business.

For instance, self-storage companies such as Safestore Containers Auckland have electronic doors and gates that also include customised entry codes to access a storage facility.

There are locks on each unit, CCTVs and safety personnel. Containers can be stored in a remote location or in an urban environment, and you can choose your facility based on your unique requirements.

Not only can you select a convenient location for a storage facility (for fast drop-offs and pick-ups), but you can also choose from a range of unit sizes and amenities.

Plus, storing products off-site is convenient, so that regular routines aren't interrupted.

Wrapping up

When considering the type of storage that works best for you, be sure to explore all the unique features and make sure you get the kind of storage that fits your unique needs. Make sure that you don't overpay for storage.

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