fishing (semi-technical answer needed!)

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fairkatrina | 21:04 Thu 16th Aug 2007 | Hobbies & Interests
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As a kid (8-12) I used to love going fishing with my grandad, but we both got older and stopped going *sigh* Now at the ripe old age of 22 I fancy getting back into it again, but I'm not sure what equipment I need. I'll be fishing for perch and very small (up to 2-3lb) carp and similar in a couple of gravel pits by my house using a simple sliding float method.

The rod spec I've been given is 12/13ft through-action float rod with spliced tip and a min of 13 rings, a cork handle (out of personal preference) and a min 1lb test.
I have also had the zebco cool fixed spool reel recommended. Is this the right equipment, and can anyone recommend any specific rods / reels etc? I've got a rod budget of about �50 and a reel budget of about �20 as I don't want to spend a fortune just to get started again.

P.S. I know all about landing net specifications / rod licences / pit licences / close seasons on running water etc thanks!


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I know zilch about freshwater fishing but mr overall is a keen sea angler. He says that whatever type of fishing you do, your local tackleshop should be your first stop for advice.
A trawler is far more productive!!!
Go to your local tackle dealer, you should get a decent bit of kit for that budget, Shimano make good gear (rods and reels). You basically want to ask for a 13 ft (or thereabouts) match rod and compatible reel.

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fishing (semi-technical answer needed!)

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