Rights to refund for a disco light I unpacked and realised it wasnt what I wanted

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mathremuk | 23:23 Thu 17th Feb 2011 | Shopping & Style
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I bought a disco light from a shop, unpacked it, plugged it in and its not really what I want. The shop say I cannot take it back because its unpacked and they cannot resell it. Is this correct or do I have any rights?

I actually want to buy 3 more different lights from the same shop but they wont take this one back.

Thanks in advance! :)


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you have changed your mind about your purchase and therefore you have no right to expect anything but a goodwill exchange, but as they say, you have unpacked it and they would have to sell it as ,shopsoiled. now, which puts them in a reduced profit situation straight away if they take it back.
Now if that had been an internet purchase .. things would have been different.
Evening mathremuk,

Different shops have different policies on refunds/exchanges especially when the items are unpacked, If you chose it in the first place, they may argue that if they were'nt the ones you wanted, why did you pick them up and buy them.

In regard to rights, they may have a sign in the shop or if they have a website that displays simply their rules on purchases and customer rights also, so worth checking out.

Were you mis-informed by the sales assistant that served you that they were the type you required?

Did you tell them that all you wanted to do was to exchange for 3 other lights?

Have you damaged the box/packaging when unpacking the items that they cant re-seal them, but then they still wont be able to sell as new, as you plugged it in and tried them.

Where are you located and whats the name of the shop? I'll look in to it, discreetly of course :0)
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Thanks everyone.

Everything looks like it did from the shelf. No damaged packaging etc.
there is still no legislation that says the store has to take anything back and refund your money simply because you no longer want the product,
You have no rights unless it was defective or sold under false pretences. As you saw it in the shop you seem to have known what you were buying so you've just changed your mind - no right of refund.

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Rights to refund for a disco light I unpacked and realised it wasnt what I wanted

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