40's Style Wedding Dress

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Greedyfly | 21:04 Sun 16th Jan 2011 | Shopping
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Does anyone know a good shop/website where I could find a 40's inspired wedding dress?

I have been regularly trying Ebay and will be scouring charity shops etc... But I am struggling to find anything that isn't very small in size I am looking for a size 14 - But if it's bigger I can have it taken in and fitted to size. It doesn't have to be vintage but it must have that 40's style about it.

Any suggestions?




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have you looked at etsy?
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No I shall Google now - Thanks Woof
search on eBay for "1940s wedding dress" - I haven't checked the sizes but a whole pageful comes up.
Size 14's from the 1940's are a lot smaller than today's size 14's.................
^ sorry that's if you find an original.
That's true craft - GF, if you see anything you like on eBay, it's worth emailing the seller and asking them to actually measure the dress for you.
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I understand that the sizes will be a huge difference hence the struggle finding one in such a large size. I should imagine I won't find a vintage dress this large as women then were waif thin. I am up for a 40's inspired new dress if such a thing can be found. So far all Ebay has thrown at me is awful looking dresses that are not very classic. I shall keep trying Ebay though. So far Etsy has a better range. Thanks again Woof and all for your suggestions so far.
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Thank you Chris - Great minds and all that, I have been looking at this site today and have found that there are no prices on the site and you have to make an appointment in London for a consultation for their dresses. I have found one on this site that I love but the website suggests to me that they will be VERY expensive. I am going to London soon on a trip so I may get the courage to have a look =)
Thanks for your reply.

This might be worth a phone call to see what they can offer:

or here:

Possibly worth a look:

This looks particularly interesting:

Another one:

Good luck Greedy.........the 40's is a very unusual era to go for really, there weren't that many real wedding dresses due to rationing. My parents were married in 1941 and my mum wore a smart suit and a fur wrap!
I agree with craft. There was a war on for half of the 40's, and clothes rationing on for all of them. Many brides wore an ordinary dress or suit, and if they were in the forces they married in uniform. Often the only way that a new wedding dress could be made was if a parachute somehow found it's way into the house!
Hi. We are a small business making hand made vintage inspired wedding dresses for reasonable prices. Our era's range from Victorian to 1950's and we offer a choice of options to suit most budgets. All our gowns are made to measure and we also offer a mail order service, including a free mock-up. Check out our website on

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40's Style Wedding Dress

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