ordered item not delivered

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wookette | 14:27 Mon 29th Nov 2010 | Shopping
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i ordered some saucepans via amazon from a company and have still not received them. i contacted company and they said there had been a glitch with the order and they would resend them that same day. still no saucepans and now company are not answering my calls. Are amazon obliged to refund me?


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was it a marketplace seller? if so read this
amazon do not take responsibility.

Did you pay by credit card or a visa debit?
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Hi redcrx, no - it wasn't via marketplace, there were no other choices in sellers. paid by visa debit. The company are based in Scotland and so I suspect the snow has now caused more of a problem. Thing is ... its going to be too late by the time i get them - if I ever do..... having new kitchen fitted so have thrown out all old saucepans as they cant be used on new induction hob!
When did you place your order?
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Order was placed on nov 8th, got email saying it was dispatched on 11th nov, money left bank account on 15th nov,rang company on 23rd nov who said there'd been a glitch and would resend saucepans that same day. Rang again friday 26th and today - no answer. i need something to cook in!
oh, dear. It doesn't sound good. Is there a customer services number you can ring on Amazon?

Unless, it's probably, due to the snow up North which is slowing things down. Maybe give them another few weeks?
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i think i might try amazon and see what they have to say. I dont really want to have to buy more but unless I do, I wont have anything to cook with.
have you spoken to your back. See if they can do a charge back on the visa scheme
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No - i could try and see if that could be done.Thank you
Amazon DO have a dispute proceedure for MarketPlace Sellers
,I used it only recently.
You must send at least 3 emails to the seller,giving them time to respond,then if they don't go to the Your Account page,here you will see your order.
Click on the "File a Claim"page and leave it to Amazon to do the work for you.If they cannot get any joy from the seller they will refund you the cost of the item(inc postage)They did this for me with a DVD box set that never arrived.
If this isn't clear let me know.

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ordered item not delivered

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