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Jemisa | 11:13 Mon 29th Nov 2010 | Shopping
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Today is supposed to be the busiest day of the year for online shopping, I do a lot of online shopping in fact all my xmas presents have been bought online this year, Food shopping too will be online.
Some people are aprehensive because of online fraud but that seems to have been eradicated these days. I have never had a problem.

Any of you doing your prezzy shopping on line?
Do you trust the Internet?
Have you been a victim of online fraud?



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I've done the majority of my shopping, both presents and food online. Why trudge round packed shops when you don't have to?

I've never had a problem with online fraud either, and don't really think about it.
Any of you doing your prezzy shopping on line? - Yes
Do you trust the Internet? - No
Have you been a victim of online fraud? - Not that I know of

Jem, is that you in your avatar? Very nice picture. You look like a young Julia Child. x
I do loads of internet shopping, especially for books and DVD's, etc. The only thing I don't tend to buy online are clothes and shoes because I find it a pain having to exchange different sizes and so on.

While there is always a risk with online shopping, there is as much risk if you go into a shop and use your card. We have all hear stories of cards being cloned in petrol stations and so on.
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Exactly Boo, you could troops around all day looking for something but online
'there it is'
society - Yes that is me, taken on my b/day nearly a year ago now. Julia Child?
I'll look her up.

We went to Manchester on Saturday Jem, primarily to wander round the continental market they have, but whilst there went to the shopping arcade too. It was mental, far too packed, and I lost count of the number of times I got bashed on the ankles by either shopping bags, prams or wheelchairs- it was a nightmare.
Yes I shop on line as much as possible. Do I trust it - yes as much as I trust anything that involves using my cards and that includes using them in shops and hole in the walls. I hate shopping of any sort, but do my provisions shopping in Morrisons and Lidles because I like to see what I am buying. Never shop for clothes now except for on line and all banking, bill paying etc. is done on line.

Besides we live very rurally and the largest big shopping centre is over 20 miles away!

Who want to go out shopping when they can sit at home doing it in peace and comfort whilst supping tea!!
I find shopping in stores to be a nightmare.
I haven't done it in ages; well Costco is the onliest store I visit sometimes.
^ and in your PJ's with a cig in your hand- that could just be me though :-)
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Society, I see what you mean, She was a lovely lady.

ThanQ - Jem.

Boo, - Yep! I rest my case.

Boo, I hope the computer is outside or you are smoking in the neighbours' house.
The baby should not be breathing in second hand smoke. ;-)
Errr what baby?
Congratulations BOO!! You kept that quiet!!
And here's me thinking it was excessive food consumption that was making me fatter :P
Don't play innocent with me, young Nanny. ;-)
Ahh right, Lucas? You had me worried there society :-)

No, dont smoke around him, or Mini Boo either, but when no one's here....
Don't think Baby lives with BOO society ;o)

How is Baby BOO?
I'm hoping (depending on Nans mood today) to be able to pop into town and get OH a T Shirt made...I want it to say..


I think he'll like it :-)
They don't ever grow up do they ummmm? Mr Boo dropped hints as big as bricks for a Hong Kong Phooey Tshirt. Which I luckily managed to get online (see what I did there? Brought it back on topic!)

And No Baby Boo doesn't live with me here, and i'm ruddy grateful. He's adorable, love him to bits, but he aint half loud!
Apparently I even say it to him in my sleep. My daughter confirmed it when she was over...she heard me saying it about 4am :-)

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