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Jemisa | 10:13 Mon 29th Nov 2010 | Shopping
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Today is supposed to be the busiest day of the year for online shopping, I do a lot of online shopping in fact all my xmas presents have been bought online this year, Food shopping too will be online.
Some people are aprehensive because of online fraud but that seems to have been eradicated these days. I have never had a problem.

Any of you doing your prezzy shopping on line?
Do you trust the Internet?
Have you been a victim of online fraud?



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I do both as I like to look at things before buying. Its been a few months since I did a grocery shop but I will be doing one this week. I wish Tesco would do free delivery over certain amounts like others do. Mind you you can pick and choose which slots you want which is good. The only thing I don't like buying online is fruit, veg and meat/chicken/fish. I like to look at those before I buy.

I always get DVDs and books online these day. Can't remember the last time I bought them at an actual shop.
Now a days no one have time to buy things in market specially in metro cities. I think the online shopping is the best way to save time the provides a secured shopping with cost on delivery option in your city with very affordable rates. It is not fraud because we don't pay until it comes to our doer step.
I prefer for online shopping. It provides me a cash on delivery option which is very useful to me.
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I think online shopping is safe because I done it on it is very safe and secure to me it gives me cash on delivery option so it saves me form hacking of online banking password and it is very secure shopping.
Generally, the mind set of common person is that he trust the thing or a other person only be seeing it. That is why most of the people get doubts to shop at online stores because the online shopping is virtual shopping feature even the products that we want to buy can't be seen physically, just they are shown in images only and we could not check the working condition of the ordered product until it is delivered to us. But now the days have been changed. Due to vast enhancement of Internet technology, the online shopping service has enhanced with advanced features that can enable the online shoppers to shop the products very faster and easier.

Most of the online stores can provide easy payments criteria, free delivery, safe and secure shopping, offers, cheap prices, replacement warranty, etc to the consumers and these facilities leads to increase the number of consumers for the online shopping.
Till now I have done many orders online only. Due to the heavy work load, I don’t get time to go for the shopping at malls and offline stores. Even I get the orders at my door step without making any travel on the busy roads and crowds. This is the most plus point for me to choose the online stores. I also use online coupons for more savings and discount offers on my purchases. Being victim of any kind of fraud is always depends on us only, because we are not children to believe all the things blindly. Since I do shopping, I have never been a victim of any kind of fraud.
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