Richmond Irish Recipe Sausages

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THECORBYLOON | 22:59 Sat 20th Nov 2010 | Shopping
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Has anyone else noticed that the frozen thick Richmond sausages are 20% lighter than the fresh thick ones? I bought a pack of twenty thick frozen sausages but was a wee bit confused because when I got home, I seen the pack weighed 2lbs but I know a pack of eight fresh ones weighs 1lb so twenty should weigh 2 ½lbs. Just wondering how both can be described as "thick" when they are not the same weight .


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water %???
They are described as "thick" because they are Irish. Seriously though, they may be comparing the frozen with the unfrozen weight, in other words, 2.5 pounds frozen, but only 2 lbs defrosted.
Could be, they are nice and plump and moist when you buy them fresh.
Just like me. LOL
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There are ten frozen ones per pound compared to eight fresh ones per pound so the froxen ones are 20% lighter to begin with.
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Bought some froxen ones once. Didn't like 'em. Best stick to frozen.
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I've stuck to ice cubes before...
Do you always weigh your shopping?
Come on garycook -are you going to reveal your true identity.
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I'm not in the habit of weighing messages, the weights are on the packaging.
Messages? Jeez, it's over 50 years since I last heard that term used for groceries!
Weighing messages? Did you mean sausages?
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No, I meant messages.
No Factor, I don't know where Corbyloon comes from, but when I was a small boy in the 50s in NE England, a common expression was ,"I'm going for my messages", meaning going for one's shopping (groceries et al.). The other word used until about 15 years after the war was 'rations' instead of messages or groceries.
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As I've said before, the odd thing about messages is they are plural but they become singular when put in a message-bag.
we still say 'messages' in NI.
I spotted this years ago, and since then I've chosen instead to buy fresh ones and stick them in my home freezer till needed. Co-op had a special offer on fresh Richmond thick sausages last week at £1.00 a pack. Yaaay! Needless to say I'm well stocked up now!
My MIL is Scotland still goes for the messages.

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