Most popular toys this Christmas

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Ellipsis | 12:45 Wed 27th Oct 2010 | Shopping
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According to today's news, the most popular toys this Christmas will be:

* City Airport (£84.99)
* Fireman Sam Deluxe Fire Station Playset (£29.99)
* FurReal Go Go Walking Pup (£59.99)
* Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear (£39.99)
* Kidizoom VideoCam (£59.99)
* Monopoly Revolution (£29.99)
* Moon Dough Barn (£19.99)
* Nerf N Strike Stampede ECS (£54.99)
* Paper Jamz Guitar (£24.99)
* "Pumpaloons" - action game (£19.99)
* Sylvanian Families Motorcycle and Sidecar (£24.99)
* ZhuZhu Grooming Salon (£22.99).

So if any of those were on your shopping list, I suggest you get them soon while stocks last!


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Glad to see that half of them are under fifty quid - interesting, at a time when lots of people have a lot less money to spend.
12:48 Wed 27th Oct 2010
Glad to see that half of them are under fifty quid - interesting, at a time when lots of people have a lot less money to spend.
Question Author
The same thought crossed my mind Boxtops ...

The link is here, by the way:
Is that what they're hoping to flog this year then? It seems the industry announces that's what the children want this year and the parents then flock out to buy it.
The paper today had some pics of some fairy dolls (£20) which Hamleys think will be best sellers too.
City Airport and Fireman Sam Deluxe will be on strike so they`re a no no

No ps3 games on the list?
If I worked in the Christmas industry I'd announce the best sellers this year are projected to be - a wooden toy and an orange. Bah....humbug!
Interesting!.....not on any of my grandchildren's wish lists!..........such hype! ignored!..........
I think it's the manufacturers and designers telling the retailers what they want to sell Welshlibrarn. They're not interested in what the kids actually want!
I just let my kids go through he Argos catalouge putting their initials next to things they want and then pick a few from the hundreds they chose g'kids are having my OHs collection of car badges - and like it !
quite right Andy!............
I do that too Elvis, and I explain that this is just a wish list, and that they can't have them all because Santa has to bring toys to all of the children, and couldn't manage to bring everthing they wish for, they're fine with that!..........teaches them that we can't have everything that we wish for!.........good lesson for life!......
Or I might just tell them Santa`s going on strike this year, lol
Good one Elvis!..............Oh but no!..........couldn't bear to see the look on their lovely little faces!............can't do it!.........tempted!..........but just can'
I regularly tell mine that Christmas is cancelled due to lack of interest but they just laugh. I've not heard them mention any of that lot above either - I've never had to try and get "the must have toy" Eldest has always just wanted Lego of any description and youngest never writes a list as "Santa always buys me things that I like"!
Not forgetting the dolls house:


And at only £35!
No, it's going to be a Gyro-ball ( "power-ball") or nothing!
Question Author
> Santa always buys me things that I like

Wow, what a compliment!
Dear all,

Here is what The AnswerBank is getting you all for Christmas - I know it is a bit early (and you have to fill in your own label) - but we just can't wait!


Merry Christmas,

Spare Ed

Thought you like might to look at these:

how very sweet of you Ed

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