What is the best supermarket offer you've experienced recently?

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AB Editor | 08:55 Tue 03rd Aug 2010 | Shopping & Style
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And what gets you? BOGOF? %off orginal price? "Nearly sell-by-date" stuff?

Recently in Morrisons I was able to pick up 8 Muller Rice pots for £2 - it was truly a wonderful day.

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I love all the offers!

I go shopping with my mum and at the end we trade all the BOGOF stuff we got - Her free Jaffa cakes in return for my free Hovis - saves waste on stuff that you might not use up in time.

Best place is the local Pounstretcher because the staff are so daft they never charge the right price.Anything over 2 items confuses them so stuff doesn't get rung through.
Possibly the best offer I ever got was before Asda automatically cancelled any special offers on discounted products. I bought several short-dated yoghurts and the way that their computer system worked out the bill resulted in them paying me to take the yoghurts away! (i.e. my total shopping bill was lower with the yoghurts in my basket than it would have been without them!).

I once bought a short-dated ready meal in Sainsbury's, which was reduced from £3.50 to 50p. It was not only a bargain but delicious as well. However I noticed that the 'microwave from frozen' instructions on the packaging were actually headed 'microwave from fresh'. (i.e. both sets of instructions, for cooking from fresh or frozen, had the same heading). So I wrote to Sainsbury's to tell them. I got a very nice letter back, telling me that they'd withdrawn the product from all of their stores until such time as their supplier could obtain correctly printed packaging. More to the point though, was that they sent me a £10 voucher, which I thought was a good return from my 50p purchase (which I'd enjoyed eating anyway!).

Boots at H'row, last month, Flight socks B2G1F @ £8.99 ea. I paid £2.10 and the receipt says I saved £25.55......I can't work that out ?
Tesco... 3 cases of lager for £20
Is it just lager elvis ?
tesco were doing 8 muller rice for 2 quid. I love the toffee one
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The blueberry ones get me through the morning when coffee is not available!

Chris, your story filled my heart with joy. I do love a bargain!

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