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missprim | 10:39 Sun 04th Jul 2010 | Shopping
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I have been looking for a microwave that opens from the left but they all seem to open from the right.Do you know of anyone who makes them this way or a microwave that you can choose which way the door opens?


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a quick google seems to show there are no microwaves generally available with left handed doors (maybe somebody else will come along and prove me wrong)

would one with a drop down door be suitable? as there are loads of those available.

It is because it is cheaper to make the unit with the latch on the same side as the rest of the controls. There is an electrical interlock in the latching mechanism and making it open the other way would mean running longer wires around the cooking cavity. Most people are right-handed, so the controls are on the right and they are made to open the door with the left hand so the right hand can put whatever is being heated inside

Got this off Google
hey there if you turn any right opening microwave upside down it will open from the left
I have asked this before, it just seems ridiculous they dont make them other way.
Don't get confused with "opening" handing.
Traditionally, the hinge side is the "handing" of the door. This is how windows are explained.
One RH hinged is a Neff C54R60 900W but it's "built-in"
One option is to get one of these ..{query}
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Thanks for your answers. Very funny todoronron!! Didn't know you could buy them with a drop down door, this might just be ok, will have a look at them.

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