need ghd's,which is best website?

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pinkcowprint | 16:32 Thu 28th Jan 2010 | Shopping & Style
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my ghd's have finally had their day,i now need a new pair,ghd website are selling them at £119.found a site called ghd-style,which have them for £95,they say their genuine,blah,blah,has anyone bought any recently andfrom where and how much?i know theres tons of snide ones doing the rounds!


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What advantages do genuine GHD's have over say a pair of straighteners from Argos for about £30.00? Apart from a vastly inflated price of course.
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as a hairdresser,they are the best you can use.they have full ceramic plates which gives a negative charge to hair to help flatten the cuticle for a smoother,not as damaging/drying finish,,they heat up to temperature's £30 ones could only dream about,in seconds.30 quiders are also only coated plates,even though advertising they are full,hence after a few uses,this wears off to leave you straightening your hair directly onto metal plates,nice.Also as they don't get as hot,people tend to go over and over the same piece of hair,or hold them on for minutes,whereas ghd you slide through in a second and is done.which one's would you choose?
I know this isn't helping you, but in all honesty? I'd go for the £30 quidders, but that's probablty more because I'm a tight northerner ;-)

Infact my current pair were about 50ish, and I can't say i've noticed all the problems you've said can and do happen.

Still, each to their own, good luck finding a pair :-)
What's your natural hair like BOO?
Agree with the GHD statements above, I love mine. Have you tried ebay? I've seen loads for sale on there in the past and they've been cheaper.
Errr, short, straightish, thick....why?

Actually that above description of my hair sounded just like me personally!
I think you'd notice the difference if your hair was like mine. Long(ish) thick and curly.
Ahhh, right, fair do's ummmm.

PCP- you said.."as a hairdresser"....does that mean you've got contacts in the business? Can't you get a cheaper pair from any of those?
I have to agree, the cheap ones aren't worth the money!

Corioliss though are as good as GHDs in my opinion (although definitely not cheaper)
I got my GHDs from a chain or hairdressing salons, saved me paying postage on them! Maybe ring around and get prices, at least you know they're not snides!
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i was in a salon but our boss was so tight she wouldn't give us a discount!!i've now gone back as a mobile hairdresser after having my baby,so don't have the same contacts,apart from the wholesalers which don't sell ghd's.anyway,if cheaper ones are fine for doing your hair thats great,but when your using them every day on some hair like the jackson 5,(slight exaggeration),you need ghd's.thanks everyone tho.x
I had mine for nearly ten years and they packed in the other week so I hunted around and ended up getting them from this site, for around 90 quid and they are def genuine, You have to be wary of ebay etc as there are so many fakes around, if hey are really cheap then they are probably fake. I also reckon they are a good investment if you work it out at how much they cost per year!! Media URL:
I would only buy mine from the ghd site or a salon. I bought ones before from another site and had the holograme and everything but when i tried to validate the warrenty they were fake. it was a waste of 50 quid although they did work they were not as good

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need ghd's,which is best website?

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