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Gee Bee | 13:55 Tue 14th Dec 2004 | Shopping & Style
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Why are there so many Buy One Get One Free offers ?

Surely just reducing the price of the item by half would be more practical, more often than not you don't really want the second "free" item.


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People like the idea of getting something for nothing.


Also, if an item is reduced to 'half price', shoppers are less likely to buy two.  It relates to keeping the product in question in circulation and usage, thus putting pressure on the competition.

nothing is free we pay for it in other ways a penny on this or a penny on that,,some times the buy one get one free are things you dont want or like,,they are probably near to sell by date and they have a load to shift,,buy one get one free appeals to peoples greed so they are popular with many...gypsy

Often busy shoppers don't notice its a BOGOF deal and only pick up one item - thus effectively paying double.


My partner is always doing this, and some times she does notice, buut doesn't get the second item 'because I only wanted one' - drives me crazy

all of the above, but to expand on luckystrikes point.

The theory goes that if you get a consumer to use a product for longer then you build an inertia in their buying patterns. So if they use Loreal shampoo for 2 months rather than one, they are more likely to buy it in the 3rd month when it's run out that another.

It's also about market share, if people are using your products, they aren't using the competitions, so you are not only ensuring that you have more exposure and coverage but also preventing revenue for the competition.

A true story:


When my wife went shopping in Safeway, when Mr Kipling cakes were buy one get one free and priced at �1.99 she would always buy them. If we went shopping in Netto, where they were 99p she would not buy them.


I could never figure this out!

Yep it is the idea of something for free - everyone likes something free!

It also clears stock for when sell by dates are getting closer.

Oneeyedvic has raised a point that I am aware of. With most of these BOGOF offers, the seller bumps the price up to the RRP and then as soon as the offer is over the price of buying one item goes back down to not far off half of the BOGOF price!
I am disagreeing with you all - Look at Boots the chemist,  how good is that deal, buy 2 get one free, i have got so much stuff that i could of paid alot of money for but got it free! 

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