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Shoes in Norfolk?

I thought that you all were all still wearing animal skins and walking around barefoot up there ;-)

Chris (in Suffolk).

PS: If you'd rather have a more helpful answer, simply send an email to [email protected] stating your location. They'll get back to you with details of independent stockists in Norfolk. (The nearest Hotter store to you is many miles away, in York). Or try Shoe stop in Wells, Michelle's Footwear in Cromer or Holt Shoes. Hotter is among the brand names listed at the very top of their joint web page, here:
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Thanks Buenchico
I am abit surprised you did'nt answer with quill and ink being out there in Suffolk!!
There is a catalogue company called 'Hotter' because I receive (and bin) their bumff, so should be on internet
-- answer removed --
Barefoot, I;ll have you know we have now moved on to wearing that animal skin on our footsies too with twining wrapped round the legs

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where can i buy hotter shoes in norfolk

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