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redcrx | 12:44 Fri 05th Jun 2009 | Shopping & Style
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i read somewhere recently of a great (and good value) online shoes shop for children. Pretty good shoes by all accounts, with the varying width fittings etc for tiny feet. decent leather uppers and about �10-15 which is miles better than clarks prices

Anyway, i cant remember the name and its driving me mad. I think it was something cutesie like hedgehog or something.

with a 1 year old girl who has a thing for pretty shoes Id love to have a couple of different pairs for her.

anyone got any idea?


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Don't think this is the one you are looking for, but some good bargains here:

I am watching with interest in case anyone comes up with the right one, although my two are rapidly heading towards adult shoes now . My eight year old now takes a 4 and my 7 year old takes a 3. Between school shoes, indoor school shoes, gym shoes, trainers (astro and normal), rugby/football boots, sandals, walking boots, snow boots, wellie boots and pool sandals or crocs (x2) - it is costing me a fortune! When I was a kid, you had a pair of shoes or boots for winter and a pair of sandals for the summer - if you were lucky you had a pair of gutties as well!
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thanks annie
following your link may well have helped, it could be chipmunks shoes!
Little CRX had his feet measured 8 weeks ago and they were 8.5, then 6 weeks ago we went to get him some sandals for holiday and he was a 9. came off holiday and got him measured at same time as baby CRX 2 weeks ago and he'd gone to a 9.5! Thats been an expensive few months, especially as i like to get clarks usually.
Hi red - if it is any consolation, they tend to calm down and move an average of one size a year as they get older, the thing about clarks is though that the sizes really do vary from shoe to shoe, so you don't always need a new pair - it's just the guilt that gets you! Main growth spurt is after the summer holidays once they are school age - being outside in the sun(!!!!!) all day gives a vitimin D boost and they shoot up like weeks (so does their shoe size). My two both learned to walk at age 1 and a week - they both took a 5 and a half as their first shoes.
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Childrens shoes

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