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RevFunk | 11:21 Wed 17th Dec 2008 | Shopping
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I'm selling a few things on Ebay and am constantly getting bids from people outside the UK even though I clearly state posting to the UK only.

I know there is a way to restrict the locations which I will post to but just cannot find it on the Ebay site and their help facility is rubbish so if anyone can help me please!


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To add buyer requirements to your listings:

1. In My eBay, under the My Account column, click the "Preferences" link.
2. In the Site Preferences section, click the �Edit� link. The Buyer Requirements page opens.
3. Select your buyer requirements. These include blocking buyers who:
* Are registered in countries to which you don't post

4. Click the Submit button to save your requirements.

(copy and pasted from eBay help page)
Very useful Ethel, thanks. I too am having problems with overseas bidders even though I state I only send within the UK. I have had problems recently with Chinese bidders, with no feedback, bidding on my stuff at the last minute, with no intention of paying.
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Hi Ethel thanks for the quick response, Ive done that and ticked the 'are registed in countries to which I dont post" but it does give you an option to say which countries you dont post to!
Question Author
sorry doesnt give you the option to state which countries
When you create your listing you should be able to choose 'UK only'.

By blocking bidders registered outside the UK, this should stop bids coming from people registered overseas
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Many thanks Ethel I had just about worked it out lol

One last thing, Ive had a buyer who bought an item waited 8 days then decided they didnt want it.

Why is it that ebay wont let me leave negative feedback?

Seems to ne all focused towards buyers as opposed to sellers
The feedback rules changed some time ago, so sellers can no longer leave negative feedback for buyers.

You should report him as a non-paying bidder though

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Ebay - Resticting where I Post items to

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