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tamirra | 13:36 Thu 30th Oct 2008 | Shopping & Style
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Hi, has anyone been to the new Westfields shopping mall in London yet, if you have whats your opinion and how was the parking, and where actually is it, need a map showing position. Thanks


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It only opened at 10am this morning. It's in the Shepherd Bush area.

They have Westfield Malls in Oz and NZ and they are great. I personally cannot wait until the one in Stratford opens but that's not until 2010.

I'm sure if you google Westfield London you will get a map.
I went Westfields today, it is definatety a place to shop, it has a place of all types of shoppers. There are designer shops/ dept stores, children shops, around 8 types of shoe shops, gadget shops, 10 types of beauty shops, the list goes on and on...

There is a line of CAFES, for a snack and coffee break, there are no unhealthy fast food outlets, the emphasis is on good wholesome eating, there is also a food court with foods from Mexico to Lebanese, again many more...

For parents there are 3 children rooms, where you can takeyour little ones and feed and change them, they also have some toys in there to keep them busy.

Parking was very pactical, the rate is �2 per hour which is reasonable for a couple of hours, but adds up if you are there all day!

Location is Woodlane, where the BBC is situated in W12, nearest station is central line Shepherds Bush.

Sorry I don't know how to put a map up on here...

Hope this will be helpfull for you!
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Is the market still open, or was it closed to accomodate Westfield?
everything is still there - though goodness knows how much longer it will last. All of Shepherd's Bush shopping area is at risk from this megamall. It has a new tube station and plenty of parking spaces - it's between Wood Lane (where the BBC is) and the slip road off the Westway to Shepherd's Bush. I gather quite a few shops haven't actually opened yet, though, so it might be worth waiting a week or two
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Thanks for that, will take your advise and leave a couple of weeks. x
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Westfield Shopping centre

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