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anotheoldgit | 18:48 Tue 16th Sep 2008 | Shopping & Style
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Has anyone else noticed that you have to check your receipt very carefully when you shop at Morrison's supermarket?

They are not too careful where their labels of special offers go ie. 'Buy one get one free', '2 for *', 'Half price' etc. etc.

In the past I have noticed that if they run out of the special offer, they will substitute it with a similar article, without first removing the 'Buy one get one free' offer label.

One then finds that one has picked up say a larger package than the offer one. When it is scanned at the checkout you are charged for two at the price of the larger item.

Today I picked up two Rolo Desserts 4 packs, that I thought were �1 each, only to find that the offer was for some cheaper Desserts, the lable had been conveniently slid in front of the Rolo Desserts.

Their latest TV commercial is a laugh too. "Morrison's buy straight from the farms of British farmers". Utter rubbish, just check it out, most if not all of the fresh fruit comes from all over the world, I saw some today from Poland. ise-Drops-In-Morrisons/63039


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I shan't believe a word of this until you can show me the link to the Daily Mail website.............
A lot of fruit and veg simply can't be grown in the UK.

By law, all fresh produce must state its country of origin. If you know they are breaking the law,go to Trading Standards.
I don�t shop at Morrison�s (there is not one near to where I live), however I have noticed that this appears to be a common ploy, used by many supermarkets.

Having fallen for this trick too many times, I now check offer signs very carefully. For example, often a BOGOF offer will be for the 500g jar size, whereas the only jars on the shelf are 300g. Of course the BOGOF print will be in a large bold font size, with the precise applicable product details in a 12 point font or less.

There is nothing illegal in this, but it must be viewed as sharp practice.
The Morrisons I used where we used to live were very bad at filling a gap for a promotional offer with something else but still leaving the promotional shelf talker display in a prominent position. Like a previous posting, I just checked the displays carefully for size, description but then I still came unstuck once or twice. Naughty practice of theirs.
Recently I was caught out at Tescos.

The offer ticket said 2 for price of 1 on 400g packs of cheese, directly below lots of packs, so I picked up two. When I checked the receipt, I found I had paid for two.

I went back to check the offer, and found that there were no 400g packs on the shelf - only 300g packs. I know it was my own fault for not checking before I bought, but I think it's a bit sneaky of the supermarket to do this.
I used to work in a Morrissons.....
Wouldnt recommend you buy the indian/olives/mini pork pies etc from the deli counter...............
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There's no need for the sarcasm jackthehat, if you can't answer a perfectly valid question, DON'T BOTHER.

It is obvious to anyone that alot of fruit and veg can't be grown in the UK Ethel. What I was referring to was Morrison's latest TV commercial, which gives the impression that their fruit and veg is picked and packed fresh from British farms.

Thanks to everyone else for your answers, it seems that I am not on my own in falling foul of these crafty tricks.

nannon, don't make a statement like that without giving a reason, what's wrong with them? Please tell us.
Every single shop I go into now over charges me,

Tesco bogof on �6 punnet apricots over charged �6 as no discount given

Morrisons persimon fruit put through till as a dragon fruit resulted in �7 over charged

Sainsburys bag loose apples (with stickers to say whatt fruit and number) put through till as pears over charged �2
Sainsburys same shop another bag apples put though as beleive it or not apricots over charged �6

Co -operative over charge �2 by mislabeled gamon offer, same shop bought 4 pots of double cream all gone off (over a week before use by date)

This happens so often these problems that I have to check the receipt everytime leaving before I drive away, I still forget to do it, as it such a relief to get to the car as I hate supermarkets that I forget to check it.

Because I live in Cornwall in the middle of nowhere it is often not cost effective to go back even for a �6 over charge because the fuel would cost more.

As a general rule I get over charged �6 once of twice a week at would add up to alot over the year.
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wow ! they really do rip you off what..the?

If Asda made a mistake they gave you the goods, and the overcharge back, as well as a voucher. But I don't think they do any more.
We don't have morrisons here but I check every receipt from supermarkets, as I would say about half the time the offers don't go through

Even a money off voucher for Tesco wouldn't go through recently and I had to argue at customer services where they tried to tell me I was wrong, which I knew I wasn't!
I mainly go to Tesco and always check the bill, usually when I get home, and often they have overcharged for something. I phone them up straight away, they make a note of my name and I can get my money back the next time I go into the shop at Customer Services. Trouble is, you can't always read what the goods are as they are in gobbledegook language. If I get something 'off' in Waitrose e.g. meat, they give me my money back plus the overcharge back.... but ALWAYS check your receipt from EVERYWHERE .... they are all at it, no wonder they take millions. PS why are the women at Customer Service in Tesco in New Malden always so miserable ?
if you get overcharged in any shop and need to travle to get back to them so they can refund you then you can demand fuel money and even charge them for you time and effort in sum cases, this also works if a shop have left the securaty tags on an item (so basicly if you have to return to the shop and its the shops fault then they are responsable for refunding you your expenses) and if they dont then they obviusly have verry poor custmor value and dont desurv your custom.
just found out toay that morrisons have charged me 2 times for my shoping last weak - incredably angory!!!!! they made my acount go overdrawn aswell so im going to be clameing back those charges of of morisons aswell!!!

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