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BrookeBond | 19:44 Wed 26th Mar 2008 | Shopping
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My sister is getting married in the summer and as her bridesmaid i'd love to get her the something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. My budget is quite small though so any suggestions for some gift ideas, traditional or original would be greatly appreciated.



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Well traditionally the something old is something that the bride already owns (though some people class the engagement ring as the something old), the something borrowed is something the bride borrows from somebody and then gives them back. Nowadays the something blue is often a blue bow on a garter, and the dress is often the new thing! Maybe you could ask your sister what jewellery she is planning on wearing and you could buy her a new necklace or earrings.
This is what I had:

Old - my Mum's pearl necklace
New - Dress
Borrowed - a friend's perfume
Blue - a little blue bow on my garter

Your sister will probably have most of this in mind already
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Just wanted to say thanks for your help. I like the idea of lending her perfume for the day - she mostly steals mine anyway!

Thanks again,

I had
old: A ring my grandmother gave me
new: My dress
borrowed: A bracelet from a friend
blue: a necklace my mother-in-law made me for the occassion

And don't forget the last line:
and a sixpence in her shoe!

So get her an old sixpence coin from Ebay, they are not that expensive!

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Something Old, Something New etc

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