What supermarkets still accept cheques?????

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swalker007 | 13:01 Fri 22nd Feb 2008 | Shopping
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Payday is on monday and the cupboards are bare does anyone know What supermarkets still accept cheques?????


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I don't know of any supermarkets that still accept cheques these days,sorry. Isn't it illegal to write a cheque knowing that there are insufficient funds to cover it? Not having a go just curious.
ASDA in the place I live does as I see people at the check-out using them swalker :-) x
Even if you pay by SWITCH it won't go through until Monday!
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But I thought if you used Switch, or any other debit card, the funds had to be in your account for the sale to be authorised? The bank then 'holds' the amount until the money is claimed. ???????
Somerfield and co op still take cheques.
the co op still take cheques. dont worry i have that problem as well
I'd make sure at the co-op before you load ya shopping into your trolly, I work at co-op and at our store we stopped accepting cheques last year.
Daffy, not sure if is illegal to write a cheque with insufficient funds in the bank if you know there will be money in there by the time the cheque is processed. I have done this on loads of occasions in the past when times were hard.
Are you a checkout person BOO? If so, I bet you are a really nice chatty one. And do you get to take home all the out of date cakes every night?
Lol, yeah I am Lottie :-)

And yep I Am chatty, especially to the regulars. Sadly we still have to pay for the out of date cakes though, admittedly they are reduced but still..........

Oh, I like the chatty check out people. They brighten my day. I live in a small town and shopping is such a pleasant experience when you know all the nice checkout people. Of course, I am one of those old ladies who hold up the queues while all the impatient (normally men) huff and puff behind me. (whilst I search for my purse, drop my bank card or rush off to find a forgotton item). Life is too short to always be in a hurry. Checkout staff are sometimes the only people some old folks see to have a chat with.

Long live chatty supermarket people.
swalker, so your poor little dog won't get a bone?

Lottie, so its you who often causes interminable delays when I�m queueing at the checkout? Bring a sheaf of discount coupons next time for good measure lol.

I know Tesco don't accept cheques any more.

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What supermarkets still accept cheques?????

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