f.a.o jessiebear or anyone who can help

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Poison-Ivy | 14:56 Fri 08th Feb 2008 | Shopping
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Hi jessiebear, you answered my jewellery question on an earlier thread and said about Allure diamonds.

Well I've had a look and there is a ring I really like but am reluctant as its through ebay.

Can they really be as good as they seem.. also what if I have problems with the ring, I couldn't then take it back to the shop could I.

Sorry to go on about it but I had problems with one ring which had to be returned.. once bitten and all that.


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If you are buying something on ebay, then you must check out the seller before you bid/buy.

How much feedback do they have? How many feedbacks are non-positive? How many buyers are there that have retracted their feedback?

If you do buy on ebay you must pay with Paypal if you want "buyer protection" up to the amount it shows on the listing page. If you pay any other way you could find yourself having to pursue the seller yourself if something goes wrong.

And remember the golden rule: "If it seems too good to be true then it probably is!"
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Thanks Tichfield.. I have brought off ebay before but nothing this expensive. Also if I happen to not like it in the flesh, so to speak, its the hassle of returning it and getting my money back. Although they seem to have good feedback.

Its just so annoying, why can't i find one like it in a normal shop.. at the same price!

If you do decide to buy from Allure, ensure that you select the option to pay the 17.5% surcharge (VAT) for shipping from the UK. If you opt for dispatch direct from Israel, you'll get caught for import duty, VAT and a customs inspection fee. Additionally, you may lose the protection afforded to you under Trading Standards legislation, which you get when you deal with an EU company. (It could be argued that you're still ordering from a UK company, even if the ring is sent from Israel, but it seems foolish to take the risk of possibly losing some consumer rights).

While I've ordered items (such as a PC built to my specification) by paying money directly into the vendor's account, without any problems, I'm still a bit wary about companies which specify that it's their preferred method of payment. (A credit card is far safer for the customer).

Also, while I don't like to criticize others for their use of English, I do find myself worrying about the attention to detail taken by a company which offers a FAQs page with a spelling or grammatical error on nearly every line: ently-Asked-Questions.html
('Viza', 'Dinners Club', 'each jewellery', 'inscripted', etc). It just doesn't fill me with confidence.

Similarly, most 'serious' businesses accept Mastercard. Allure doesn't. I wonder if that's to push customers towards using a bank transfer?

I'm sure that if you hunt around independent dealers (as suggested in response to your previous post), you'll be able to find something similar eventually.

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Thank you Chris. That was very helpful indeed. The more i've thought about it the more i've put myself off.

I know i'll get one eventually x x
Take a look here:

i have bought a few items from here and never been disappointed.

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f.a.o jessiebear or anyone who can help

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