Can anyone tell me which designer makes this handbag?

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ChickLittle | 19:46 Fri 25th Jan 2008 | Shopping & Style
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I adore this handbag but don't know who makes it. Can anyone help? Pic is here... 6/handbag.jpg


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the monogram back ground looks like gucci?
ooh now i love the bag too
sorry I dont know the answer but will have a looky
it might be a gucci style lookilike, could be from loads of high street stores
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It was the pic used on a facebook ad for something completely unrelated to fashion (obviously designed to catch the attention of handbagophiles like me :)
Looks like Lidl.
Question Author
Lidl? I wish!
they sell everything else in lidl i wouldnt be suprised if they do! lol
Question Author
Actually I love Lidl and would be well chuffed if they started selling handbags :D
lidl booze and chocy is lush :o)
Question Author
Bergadler beer is the best!
ve been looking all over the web for that bloomin bag lol
cant find it, but I dont give up that easily
try debenhams weeal, might be a matthew williaMSON
hi dot I tried there too, and ebay, and Gucci, and ASOS etc
Question Author
Thanks for trying weeal, I also tried the ebay and Gucci route with no luck.
was in asda this morning and saw a bag similar to this,just different colour?

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Can anyone tell me which designer makes this handbag?

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