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sugarplum84 | 21:42 Wed 02nd Jan 2008 | Shopping
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I've recently lost a bit of weight and UK size 6 is now too big for me. I love being this size, but I'm finding it incredibly hard to find clothes to fit me in the shops. I am currently shopping in the childrens sections in stores, but I want fashionable clothing that fits right.

Does anyone know where I can find UK size 4 clothes in the high street that isn't in the petit section? I know that Dorothy Perkins have started to sell size 4 in their petit range, but as I'm 5"3, the jeans and trousers are too short for me. I need to find size 4 in regular lengths. Please help...


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Asda do a size 4 and as do topshop, miss selfridge and h&m.
Primark and Penneys carry small sizes.
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I walked into Topshop last month and asked a sales asssistant if they sell size 4 and she looked at me up and down with horror on her face and said no! Maybe it's just the bigger stores, like Oxford Street, that do it. Although Topshop website only offer a size 4 in their petit range. I've looked in a couple of Miss Selfridge stores and found it hard to even to get a size 6.

Primark do not even do a size 6, let alone a size 4! The smallest size I have seen in there is a combined size 8-10. As for Asda, I have just looked on their website to discover that the smallest size they go up to in their regular style is a size 8. Their petit range may go down to a size 6, but the website doesn't say, plus I don't need petit.

I don't think I'm going to be able to find a store that sell size 4. I've looked online, but I cannot find anything. Perhaps I will have to order size 0 from American websites. It's a shame that I will have to continue shopping in kids sections. It's just so unfair that shops stock 20+ sizes, but not -6 sizes. It's also unfair that they assume that all size 4 wearers must be very short.
Im sure they will start stocking them soon, In the meantime I think the US is your best bet
In all fairness I though 5ft3 was petit. Also the ratio of women that are a size 20 plus is greater than the those slimmer than a size 6. You just need a time machine to go back to the 1980s where a size 4 was a size 8-10. I just chatted to my mate on msn and she says mango and zara do it too but she lives in Camden so I reckon she probably gets her clothes in London.
On the other side of the coin not all size 16 + women are tall, either!

I am a 14-16 and I still trip over my trousers :o(
Gap do size four. I also think most shops would consider 5ft 3 petite.
"petite" is usually 5 foot 4 and under isnt it?
Personally I'd stick to the kids clothing range until you've put some weight on, if you really want to seek out fashionable clothing, as you claim, you'd be better off conforming to a more standard UK size.Alternatively you'll have to resort to getting your clothes made for you which will cost a fortune.

Just out of interest what is your BMI (body mass index)? It cant be healthy being a size 4, which correct me if I'm wrong is a size 0! I said though its a personal opinion.
Miss selfridge's petite range is for 5ft3 and under.

DJerba, BMi is a wooly practice and sugarplum could be a lovely shape at a size 4 she could even carry too much bodyfat, although not likely but its still possible. I can't say it enough on the whole woem have gotten lots fatter but the smallest have stayed small. In the 1980s a size 8 was skinny but that size 8 then was a 23 inch waist. A size 4 waist is 23 and a quarter inches today. Clothes shops have adjusted the sizes to match the times and also to lure women to shop in their store. Sya you are a size 12 in River ISland but in Dorothy Perkins you can fit into a size 8 or 10, you would probably shop in DP. These small sizes aren't in reality the phenomenon they are made out to be.
In the 1960s / 1970s a size 12 was 34 - 24 - 34.

Yes, Ethel is right. I got married in a suit size 10/12 and am 5'10"!!! Couldn't see me when I turned sideways - you certainly can now though!!!
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To DJerba:

I am not entirely sure why you think I am planning to put on any weight. I am not intending to put on any weight, I think that size 4 is perfect for my 5"3 frame. I do not look unhealthy, in fact I look healthier now then I ever did when I was a size 12. I eat very healthily and keep active. I am extremely happy with my body (not something most women can say) so I will not change it for the world and if I have to struggle to find clothes that fit, then so be it.

And by the way, we are not living in America, so it not "size 0" it is size 4. You don't call a UK size 16 a size 12 do you? So why do you call a UK size 4 a size 0?

It is true what most of you are saying about sizes being bigger now then they used to be. About ten years ago (up until 6 years ago, when I put on weight and went up to size 12) I used to be a size 8 and have kept a pair of trousers, which fit me perfectly now even though I am apparently a size 4, or a "size 0" as DJerba likes to call it
on it states that a size 4 fits a 22 inch waist,
so what is the waste measurement in inches for a size double zero?
Asda do the best range for size 4 x
Try tk maxx too, i was looking for clothes and i saw a size 4 dress, i was suprised to see how tiny it was, im a size 20 you see, so i couldnt even pull it up over my leg!!!!
I would order from usa, at least you will get a good range in the size.
I've got a size 4 top from Asda and Miss Selfridge. I only live in a small town so I don't know why your town doesn't do them. Shame.
See a doctor, they will be a great help to you.
>> See a doctor, they will be a great help to you. <<

What the hell??

Why does everyone think that if you're a size 4, then that must mean your ill?? It annoys me to no end.
Not all of us starve ourselfs to be a size 4. For some people (more than you think) they are naturally a size 4.

Go and have a go at the people who are size 30, or bigger because they are more at risk of health problems than someone who is a HEALTHY size 4.
I think the people who are asking for your bmi and are saying that you should see a doctor should be ashamed of themselves and goes to show how narrow minded they are!, they wouldn't go asking for someone's bmi if they were a size 18 would they!. I also am a size 4 and am 5'4 and can't get clothes to fit in the petite section, so the answer's on here help me greatly!. I don't want to get expensive clothes because my size is due to a over active thyroid and hope to get back to a size 6, so thank you to all the people who a REALLY trying to help!

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