How to sell my engagement, wedding rings. No longer required.

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cragley | 12:00 Sun 21st Oct 2007 | Shopping
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Could anyone please advise on the best outlet/way in the UK to sell my engagement ring and wedding band other than ebay.

1. White gold princess cut diamond ring valued at �1400.00.

2. 18 carat white gold wedding band with 3mm princess cut diamond valued at �800.

Thank you in advance.


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I'm presuming you've got proof of purchase for these items? Without them you'll have one helluva job selling them.

Your local jeweller might be interested, but will more than likely offer you far less than what they've been valued at.
Take it to an antique shop, they sell jewellery that is not antique, as I know someone who is doing this at the minute!
But be warned; the current market for diamonds means you will get �1 per point of diamonds; so if you've got a 1carat ring you'll get �100 for it.
The market / insurance valuation relates to how much it would cost you to replace it should you lose or damage it, not how much it is worth.
If its worth a grand you'll be luck to get �200.00 for it.

I think there is some confusion over value, there is a base line price for gold in bullion form. A jeweller can buy gold at close to the base line price and process it and produce a gold ring for quite a low price. He can purchase diamonds at a dealer for quite a low price and fit them to the ring. He can then sell to the retail jeweller at, lets say �500 which gives him a reasonable margin. That �500 ring, already well above the "value" of the gold and diamonds, will sell on the High Street for about �1500! The Jeweller isn't going to give as much as the �500 because it is a used ring and he can get another new one for �500. Actually you will get better return either by auctioning it either locally or on ebay.
You can try an online diamond buyer. based on the quotes I received they don't pay much.

But I did find a site called, the quote was very reasonable and they provided safe payment options. they buy diamonds!!!!!!
Try one of the few companies in the UK that buys diamonds online.
I advice you this website
You can not only buy rings there, but sell also.

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How to sell my engagement, wedding rings. No longer required.

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