Fancy Dress costume ideas something beginning with M

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Ferg | 15:10 Mon 15th Oct 2007 | Shopping & Style
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I am going to a fancy dress party in a couple of weeks and the theme is 'Something beginning with M'.

I am a 25 year old female and up for a laugh - I'm thinking of going as the plasticine character 'Morph', but wondered if any of you have any other suggestions?


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Marie Antionette
Mindy (Mork & Mindy)
Maid (French)
As you are a female and probably white may I suggest Mr T.

From any fancy dress shop or ebay buy some black face paint (brown really)

A stick on beard. Get a swimming cap and use the same colour as your face. Put a black furry mohiccan hair do on it.

Loads of bling (buy very cheap garden chain from Homebase).

A boiler suit and monket boots with a big weight liftting belt

You will win first prize, trust me. And it won't be that expensive!!!
Maid Marion from Robin Hood.
Mr T is still the best (and I meant monkey boots)

But also:

Mahamat Ghandi (similar to Mr T I suppose)

Muhammed Ali

As a white female, going as a black male will show ingenuity and a real effort!!!
Any of the Mr Men - Mr Spudqueen once went to a fancy dress party as Mr Strong - he wore red rights and painted a huge cardboard box red!
Minnie Mouse - you could go really over board on the shoes etc
Medusa - could have some fun with snakes as your hair!

But Morph sounds good - if you can pull it off!
marylin monroe
the mask
mars bar
michael jackson
i'd go as midas - any excuse to go top to toe in gold lame!!
just told my sister and she said she wouldnt bother dressing up at all and go as a miserable sod!! guess who had the party genes in my family!!
Miss World
Mrs Mop
Marilyn Monroe
Bag of MnMs
Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse
Mr Magoo
or stick a cushion under your top and be a Mummy - extra nice if you're a Yummy Mummy:)
moll flanders
Man Magnet!
(Leave the details to your imagination, but make sure you are attractive.. sorry..)
Magic Wand
(You can grant people wishes all night)
Minnie the Minx
moulin rouge
a mummy! (the egyptian kind)

loads of loo roll :)
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Fancy Dress costume ideas something beginning with M

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