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SmashMartian | 22:22 Tue 18th Sep 2007 | Shopping
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What ever happend to Britannia Music/Video Club I was a member some years ago and just realised you don't hear of them! anyone know?


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With any luck they've been consumed by the fires of Hell from whence they came.
I can only assume with the availability of cd's etc so cheap on the internet they burned out. However if you google them it does say their site is down but will be back up in September....although its September now and its not up.
The amount of times I joined and rejoined lol

If you just had the minimum amount of cd's over two years you did save money lol.

Was it 5 free cd's to start with?
I was with them for years when it was vinyl,I used to keep cancelling and re-joining as well to get the offers!
the owner of brittannia music , has retired in south of france ....get the drift

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