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Andyvon | 03:13 Tue 10th Jul 2007 | Shopping & Style
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Do people realise that they could be paying more than necessary at the supermarket? The problem seems to be that discounts and "Buy One - Get One Free" offers are not always passed on to the computer at the checkout.

Many years ago (when I had no money), I was obliged to add all my items up at the supermarket to ensure I could pay at the checkout. We don't need to do that now thank goodness, but I'm still in the habit of adding everything up in my head as we go around Tescos.

My wife and I often take advantage of the Buy One Free offers. However, we often arrive at the checkout to be given a wrong price (always too high!). I then suggest that each Buy One Free item has again been charged at full price. The supervisor then goes to check the shelf prices before coming back to usually say that the discounts should have been put into the computer but they haven't.

Last week, we were charged 39 pounds at the checkout, although I had added it up to about 26 pounds which proved to be correct. That error was unusually large, but we are usually overcharged about 4 or 5 pounds about once every four shops.

I have noticed other shoppers with large trolleys who are charged huge amounts, often over 140 pounds or more. They never seem to bat an eyelid but they just hand over a card, punch in a number, and walk away. It seems they just assume the price they are given at the checkout is correct - but it probably isn't on occasions.

Has anyone else experienced this at the supermarket? I would urge everyone to add their shopping up (even only roughly) and check their receipt before leaving the store. Quite often, the reciept doesn't include the advertised discounts and offers.


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very true btw.
Ive found this to be true a couple of times so I put all items that are on offer together and watch the till as they come through, making sure that they are priced accordingly. It doesnt happen that often but i can at least keep an eye on it.

With a 2 year old in tow and a boyfriend who puts stuff in trolley when im not watching it makes it quite difficult to add up as we go along.
I always check my receipt before leaving the store for this very reason. Generally if Tesco have made a mistake in the price of an item, they will give you this item for free. Asda give you a �2 gift card.
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I was one who did not check my reciept untill ,i found that i had been charged twice for 2 different items on my reciept,i went back to sainsburys with my reciept to point this out and also asked,how come the item was charged again after another item went thro the till,and sarcasticley said i didnt see it jump out of my bag and get back on the belt,to go through again ,the only explantion was i cant tell you how thats come about,although refunded on the two items how many more customers get charged twice even though youve already put the item in your bag,it makes you wonder.
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Sorry Zacmaster.

I don't understand the point of your comment or the reason for it.
"Bog of is a rip off"
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Hi again Zacmaster,

I thought from your comment that you were possibly one of those fortunate people in life who has so much money that you don't have to worry about things like this. However, I'm guessing you are probably not.
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I think its a good point and it has happened to me but as it was only �2 pounds i didn't bother going back. Some of us do have to add up our shopping before we get to checkout which i try to do but i still never have enough money!
The supermarkets probably make millions of pounds from this as well as all the other billions, thats why i didn't feel guilty when i was given �10 extra in my change and i kept it, i think the checkout guy was new and a bit nervous bless him.
(And it was a joke that zacsmaster said to you, we should all be able to laugh at ourselves a bit sometimes)
i noticed this too, these SUPERMARKETS can and do get away with this. why should they? they make enough off everyone who passes thru their doors. i always make a point of checking receipts before leaving the store. [email protected]

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"Buy One - Get One Free" offers

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