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Reverandfunk | 13:05 Mon 21st May 2007 | Shopping
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I recently won a jumper on ebay which was advertised as a mens small. Got the jumper and it was a childs size aged about 10/11 years. Contacted the seller abd she said send it back and I'll refund you less postage. If I was to send it back I would have spent �7.00 on postage for an item that the seller lied about. She doesn't want to know, I cant leave her bad feedback as she will for me. Anyone else had a similar problem??


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If it has the size on the jumper they have described it wrong, ask for your money back plus postage youl pay for sending it back, if they refuse this, put in a compaint to E Bay
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There is no size on the jumper but it is blatently a kids jumper. The seller just said it was the right size and basically to leave her alone! I thought about contacting ebay but in reality will they do anything?
If they are being awkward and refusing to listen i would tell them you are going to report them for " item not as described" see if that does anything 1st , if not report them to E Bay
How can you tell it's a childs jumper if it has no age on it? It could very well be a small man's jumper as advertised.
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Boo - Please dont insult my intelligence lol. Im a 36" chest and the jumper doesn't even get to my belly button so I think I can safely assume its a childs lol.
Did you pay via PayPal? If so you can file an Item Not as Described dispute.
If you paid by PayPal they will most likely refund you even if the seller doesn't want to. They are very helpful to buyers, whereas Ebay are more helpful to sellers (which is stupid in my opinion as Ebay owns PayPal anyway!)

But tell the seller you will file a complaint through both, if you get no response then do it and you should be fine. If they do not respond to the complaint through Ebay I don't think they can leave you feedback anyway.

I find the more polite you are the harder it is for someone to find a reason to leave you negative FB when you don't deserve it so just be the bigger person even if that seller does get nasty.

Good luck

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