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plop1389 | 22:03 Wed 25th Apr 2007 | Shopping
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Not reeeeeeeeely sure where this goes cos its wierd but do you think any shops might be willing to give me any redundant manequins? If not where could I get one?


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i do wonder why you ask lol try charity shops or next
Just be cheeky and go into a shop and ask if they have an old one, say yr mum is doing a presentation at College on fashion and needs the dummy. Say she is too embarrassed to ask herself lol.
You could also try asking for one in the free-ads or local newspapers.

I bought 3 from car boot sales and someone at work put an advert is the free-ads and someone gave her one for nothing

If there are any shops closing down near you, go and ask if they are selling them

Ebay has lots but they are expensive so I would only go there are a last resort.
Do a search in your local phone book for shop fitters. Where I live there is one down the road that sells all sorts of mannequins, though I'm not sure how much they are. If you only need it for a short while you could probably hire one from a props hire shop, too.

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