How could got so many designer product ?

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roseann1347 | 01:22 Sun 04th Feb 2007 | Shopping
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How could got so many designer product ?


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Because they are copies!!!

"All our products are exactly manufactured in accordance with the Authentic Ones, They are all made of the same material,and they have the same profile, Same weight, same measurements and the same logo with the original - 100% Copy Original Name brand products. And Top Grade Quality! Besides our own style for you choice, we can also produce according to our customer's design."
Why do you persist in asking the same question over and over again. You have been told on more than one occasion that this site sells copies only. Don't you beleive us or are you simply trying to advertise your own website/company?
seems like an advert to me. a few green names has posted about this fashion site but none with any real questions about it.

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How could got so many designer product ?

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