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imajenarry | 23:52 Sat 19th Aug 2006 | Shopping & Style
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has anyone tried the newish hair dye kits where u can add highlights after using the hair dye?are they any good/easy to use?been wanting to try one for ages but bit wary of the result.


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The initial col is quite nice but the next stage is a wee bit footery ...odd shaped mascara type brush to "place" individual hilights is a joke .....good luck wi that x
try using the loreal packs in the red box for about �9. theyre very good, might need a friend to help you out because doing the back of your head is a wee bit tricky. i would highly recommend them though. if you are wanting all over fine highlights try using a highlight pack which contains the cap thing and use that, gives a great all over thin highlight look. i did my hair recently and used both the loreal pack and then i wanted some more highlights so used a pack with a cap in too! it worked really well actually! good luck :)
I've also used the L'Oreal pack (the red box with the dye and highlighter)...I think they are fab....although i have to admit (as missjef) that for the highlights I get my mother to do them using a highlighting cap (my mother was a hairdresser)...that said these caps come in home highlighting kits as weAngie says it comes with a highlighting brush that I just don't trust!!! a luck
i think the brush is ok, my problem with these dyes is that the base colour goes on fine but the highlights go orange, so be careful what colour you pick!!!
I have used the L'Oreal but I thought it was very difficult to do the highlighting yourself. I ending up with patches rather than streaks.
i used the garnie highlighiting kit and the colour turned out good but it was hard to put in and you need someone who knows what there doing to do it for you,other than that it was good considering it wasnt expensive!
I hve been using the L'oreal packs for 3 years now with great results, my boyfriend helps with the highlight bit. I've had several comments from haidressers saying how good it is and thinking I had it done at a salon, well worth trying, if you have a savers near you they do it for a fiver!!
my advise would be never to dye ur own hair...
1. it could go horribly horribly wrong
2. u dont have anyone but urself to blame
I don't agree with using that loreal color expert. I have tried it 3 times. a blonde one which made my hair all 1 block color a light brown one which didnt work at all and a dark brown one that turned my hair red. ur better off going to a professional because the money u spend correcting it if it goes wrong u cold have just got it done properly saves any hassle. I will never dye my own hair again thanx 2 loreal!

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highlighting hair dyes

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